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Booster Club Page

Board Members

President: John MacFadyen

Vice President: Becky Lewus

Treasurer: Erin Weinman

Secretary: Tracy Schuetz

Website Coordinator: Leticia Lachberg

Fundraising Coordinator: Stephanie MacFadyen

Snack Shack Coordinator: Brandi Holzberger

Uniform Coordinator: OPEN

Auditor: OPEN

Media Guide Coordinator: OPEN


Meeting schedule:  TBD

All meetings will take place (TBD)

Please note all Booster Club meetings will be held at the NPHS campus.  Anyone is welcome to join us at the meetings, you don't have to be a booster club member.  We especially welcome those who want to help with boosters next year.  This will give you a great idea as to what is involved in boosters for the future.

For more information about the NPHS booster club policies in general, please click on the link below: